Jasper Johns

Artist or Art Form Jasper Johns
Project Type Painting/Drawing
Name Kathie Bennewitz
Grade Third
Teacher/School Black/CES
Date of Presentation April 2005
Resources Used


Other: http://www.artchive.com/artchive/J/johns/map.jpg.html


Project Description

DescriptionFor our ArtSmart project, the students were given a blank map of the U.S. They were asked to use the map as the structure of their artwork and to explore the visual possibilities inspired by their creativity and knowledge of the America, its regions, and states. Using colored markers, they created a map inspired by Jasper John's version

Materials: paper with a map image, colored markers

Presentation Time:  20 mins.

Presentation Content In ArtSmart today we explored how the imagery and content of maps have fascinated people for centuries. The first cartographers, or mapmakers, created maps prized both as scientific documents and aesthetic objects. Authors have included illustrated maps of their imaginary lands in novels to help readers chart the characters’ course. Modern and contemporary artists have also created works of art that build upon map imagery and mapping ideas while, at the same time, explore the relationship between mapmaking, science, politics, and art.

We also discussed how in the early 1960s Jasper Johns chose as the subjects for his paintings recognizable objects—targets, numbers, American flags and maps. His giant map paintings—some 6 feet wide—are based on a large schoolroom pull-down map of the United States. Johns chose to paint the U.S. map because it was familiar and ordinary. Painting something his mind already knew gave Johns the freedom to paint in new ways, to experiment with the process of painting and expression. Next we showed paintings made more recently that use highway lines, place names, and even license plates to represent the United States.
Comments Fun! Creative! Wide range of Map images tied in nicely to US Map curriculum unit.


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