Paul Klee - Line Drawing


Artist or Art Form Paul Klee – Line Drawing
Project Type Line drawing  with watercolor
Name Carla Dener 
Grade First
Teacher/School Mrs. DiIorio/KHS
Date of Presentation


Resources Used

Books: Books from Public Library


Project Description

Description:  Brief biography, showed 4 paintings, brought in samples of simple machines, egg, beater, block & rope for pulley.  I taught them how to draw a cube w/the illusion of 3-D.


Presentation Time:  10 -15 mins

Presentation Content

We studied his line drawings & focused on “The Twittering Machine” painting as a tie-in w/their study of simple machine.

Notes for lesson plan

-          Born 1879 in Switzerland.  Lived to be 60 yrs.old.  Created at least 8926 works of art.

-          His father was a Music Teacher and his mother loved to draw.  So he grew to love music (he played the violin) and he loved to draw too!  When he was a student he used to draw doodles on the sides of his notebook pages.

-          He was a very good student who learned many languages and studied history & science.  He used everything he learned when he created his art.

-          While Paul Klee made many different styles of paintings, we are going to concentrate on his line drawings with watercolor.

-          SHOW ART WORK – Analysis, Tightrope, Room Perspective, Twittering Machine.

-          What do you see in these paintings?  Notice how he uses arrows & other symbols to show direction, movement or speed. (Draw some o the flip chart paper).  What sounds do you think you might hear if you were in this painting?

-          In these works, Klee is using principles of Physics to show how “force” creates “movement”.  For ex., If you drop something it will fall.  If you push something it will move away from you.  If you pull something it will move toward you.  If you twist something quickly it will spin.  Here are some examples of simple machines/ (Demonstrate how they work)

-          A painting is “static” to look at, yet when you look at these Paintings you can understand how the objects might move and how they might sound.

-          Let’s go back to the Twittering Machine.  This is a Line Drawing with watercolor.  What do  you notice about the colors?  What do you think this machine does?  How does it work? Does it make any sound?  Today we are going to make our own drawings of fantasy machines.  Using pen or pencil & watercolor if you like, you will create a machine of your own! (on watercolor   paper, Klee liked to work on textured surfaces

Comments Loved playing with samples I brought in.  They created their own machine w/my machine samples.  They enjoyed drawing w/markers – their own machines from their imaginations.  However, they were highly influenced by the story “Charlie & The Chocolate Factory” which they had been reading.  I let them come up w/their own machine ideas.  It probably would have been better to say “Everybody draw a machine that…pulls your sled up a hill or something else.  They have a hard time creating from scratch & the blank  page can stress them out.


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