Leo Lionni Collage

Artist or Art Form Leo Lionni - Little Blue and Little Yellow
Project Type Collage using colored tissue paper and liquid starch
Name Carla Dener
Grade Kindergarten
Teacher/School Finnegan/SES
Date of Presentation Oct. 2004
Resources Used

Books:  children's books from SES library, particularly "Little Blue and Little Yellow"

Website: internet google of Lionni


Project Description

DescriptionUsing colored tissue paper and liquid starch with paint brushes the kids tore up the paper and created images of activities they like to do like playground, family, pets, houses, yards. The colors overlapped and make secondary colors. then we wrote on the paper what the picture was of as if it was part of a story.

Presentation Time:  I spoke for about 10 mins and read the book "Little Blue and Little Yellow" to them.

Presentation Content I explained that Leo Lionni was an author of children's books who did his own illustrations. We explained what illustrations are (the artwork that helps to tell a story). He was born in Holland and is about 93 yrs. old now. AS a boy he taught himself to draw and paint by visiting art museums. He loved nature and had a terrarium with small snails and frogs etc. He moved to NY and worked as an art director in the advertising b-ness. It wasn't until he was about 60 yrs. old and a grandpa that he started to write children's books. "Little blue and Little Yellow" was his first and he created it on a train ride from NYC to CT with his grandchildren who wanted his to tell them a story, so he tore up a magazine and made the characters and told them the story. We talked about mixing colors and what colors you can make.
Comments They had lots of fun, it was very easy and the images are really sweet!


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