Cow Parade


Artist or Art Form Public Art - Cow Parade
Project Type Paper Mache figures with Collage materials and Paint
Name Carla Dener
Grade Third
Teacher/School Harrity/SES
Date of Presentation Feb. 2004
Resources Used



OtherBrought in the smart board and called up the website to show images

Project Description

DescriptionI explained that we would be inspired by the Cow Parade project that is an international public art project. Instead of creating Cows, we would create Seals, our school mascot. I pre-prepared 4 large paper mache seals for the class to decorate. For homework the students took home a line drawing of a Seal and were to design a seal based of one of 4 topics. They were Cafeteria Seal, Student Seal, Art Seal, and Gym Seal. The class was divided in 4 groups for this project. After they worked on their designs in pencil, marker, crayon, or collage, they were asked to bring in any materials they would want to put on the seal. We collected items over the weeks leading up to the project day. The background for Cow Parade is: In 1998 and man named Beat Seeberger-Quin had the idea to use the Cow shape as a way to bring Public Art to Zurich, Switzerland. Pascal Knapp sculpted some cow forms for the project, and many artist were invited to design Cow art for these forms. Since that time many cities including Chicago, New York, and Stamford have been hosts to the Cow Parade project. In each city artists have been invited to show their drawings and ideas for the Cow Parade. Not all designs were chosen. Each cow has a sponsor, a person, or company , or store that would pay for the cow to be made. Sometimes the design of the cow has a theme that represents the sponsor in some way. Later the cows are sold at auctions to raise money for charities.
When we came together on the project day, I covered the tables and floor in drop clothes, set up the 4 seals (each the size of a child) and gave them paints, glue, we had a hot glue gun on hand, and collage materials. In teams they painted , plotted and glued to come up with their Seal designs.


Presentation Time:  

Presentation Content I visit a few weeks in advance of project for 10 mins to explain the project. What is Public Art? Public Art can be sculpture a mural, a monument or other art work that is set in a community where anyone can see. It can be seen on the sidewalk, in a field, in a park , or in a public building like the Town Hall, or bus and train stations. You do not heed t make a special trip to an art museum to see Public Art. Is there Public Art in Westport? Can you think of any public art in Westport? The minute man statue, the mosaic tile mural an Longshore Pool, the sculptures outside of SES and KHS, the mural on the wall in the Westport Library, the Painted entryway at the SES library, the "Star" sculptures around town.
Comments It was a lot of work on my part to create these very large paper mache seals out of chicken wire, balloons and newspaper. It took months to get it all together. The students LOVED the large scale and it made it easier for them to work as a group and each have space on the seal for their own contributions. They worked so well as a team. The seals will be shown at museum night and will be raffled off in the classroom!


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