Life Size Egyptian Sarcophagus


Artist or Art Form Life Size Egyptian Sarcophagus
Project Type Sculpture
Name Darcy Sledge
Grade Add
Teacher/School Lutz, Dalton, Lambert (all 5th grade) / KHS
Date of Presentation March, 2003
Resources Used




Project Description

DescriptionParents took "orders" for color preference of their individual sarcophagus. We then cut out templates using the large rolls of colored paper outside the artroom. The front template was in the child's color choice, and the back template was in brown. We also cut out oval-shaped templates for the bottom of the sculpture. The parents then used a roller and black paint to paint a black edge around each template, drying them with hairdryers. This was imperative to do before the children began the projects. We also prepared hand-outs to the children containing letters of the alphabet in hieroglyphics, and common symbols used by ancient Egyptians. We asked the children to plan in advance the design they wanted to paint on their sarcophagus. On painting day, the children came to the cafeteria, took their front template, and began painting the designs (using tempura paint, exacto markers for detail, and colored markers for small areas). It took the full 2 hours for them to complete their designs. Templates were then hung in the classroom to finish drying. On a separate day, we stapled the front template to the back, stuffed them with newspaper, and finally stapled the bottom,  making a complete 3-d sculpture! They looked great!

Materials: Large colored paper, paint, markets, newspaper for stuffing

Presentation Content We didn't do a presentation because it was part of the curriculum, and the children had already
been presented with virtually all of the information.
Comments Planning and coordination by parents in advance is imperative to make this work, but the final output was magnificent, and the teachers were thrilled. 


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