Totem Poles of the Pacific Northwest


Artist or Art Form Totem Poles of the Pacific Northwest
Project Type Totem Poles 
Name Pam Einarsen
Grade Kindergarten
Teacher/School Mrs. McCabe/KHS
Date of Presentation  
Resources Used

Books:  Several books on the Indians of the Pacific NW & I bought a couple of books on totem poles at the Museum of Natural History

OtherScanned pictures on the computer and printed them out to demonstrate different totem techniques


Project Description

DescriptionChildren could make their own faces of animals or use different eyes, beaks, mouths, that were from the computer.  Pictures fit on each pole.

MaterialsPurchased cement molds from Home Depot – look like cardboard columns 4’ high;  cement molds, 4’ columns, computer generated art

Presentation Time:  ½ hr

Presentation Content

Showed pictures of totem poles and Indians of the Northwest

Talked about what different animals represented

Used Willie Seaweed as a representative artist

Made totem poles

Read folk stories from the northwest and had kids act out

Comments Kids enjoyed the project and made some very interesting animals, one boy made great.  My son’s heritage is from the Pacific NW so I thought it was meaningful to share it.  It tied in with the unit on Native Americans.


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